Mint chicken is an interesting ingredient that you have ever seen anywhere else.Where most of the north indians prefer to taste this.And it= is a boneless chicken where your taste buds swallow while seeing the recepie.Try once in your home and you can feel to make again and again.


=>Take 1kg of fresh chicken pieces.
=>Take 3-4 tbsp of oil.
=>Take 1cup of mint leaves.
=>Take 3-4 pieces of fresh green chilli.
=>Take 2 tbsp ginger garlic paste.
=>Take 2 tbsp of fresh curd and ½tbsp of turmeric powder.
=>Take 2cups of onion sliced.
=>Take 1tbsp of cumin seeds.
=>Take 2tbsp of black pepper crushed.
=>Take salt as it required for taste.


Take 1kg of fresh chicken in a bowl and keep washing the chicken with salt water then shift the washed chicken into a mixing bowl.

‌Add 2tbsp of ginger garlic paste, 2tbsp of salt,½tbsp of turmeric powder and mix the chicken thoroughly and leave it for 30min.

‌Take a mix jar and add 1cup of mint leaves add 4 green chilli,add 2tbsp of salt ,add 2tbsp of salt and mix the ingredients untill it turns to thick paste then keep the mint paste a said.

‌Take a bowl and pour 3-4tbsp of oil add the choped onions and 2-3 green chilli then fry the onions untill it turns into golden brown color.

‌Add the marinated chicken to the bowl and cook it for 10min and keep a look on it.while the oil floats on chicken add the prepared mint paste to the chicken and cook it for 5min and have a look on it .

‌Stir the chicken intermediately if the chicken gets dried up then add 2-3tbsp of water and cook it for 3min.At last while the chicken is boiling add 2tbsp of salt and 2tbsp of pepper powder mix for 2times .

‌Shift the chicken to the serving plate.

‌And our mint chicken is ready.


1.Take skinless and boneless chicken.
2.Take the medium size pieces.
3.Maintain the fire at low – medium flame.
4.Don’t add extra water to the chicken while the recepie gets juicey style.
5.Follow up the steps and you can get tasty recepie you can enjoy it.

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