Mothichour Laddu -In home made style.

As we know laddu’s are very tasty for us while someone tells about laddu our taste buds gets swallowing.So I prepared my laddu with a good style you can also prepare in your home and taste it.When I prepared and gave it to my mom she eat 3 continuesly and her response not in words,only in eating she had responded me.


2 cups of bengal powder.

‌1tbsp of soda.

‌Food color.

‌Cardamom powder.

‌3 cups of sugar.

‌3tbsps of ghee.

‌3cups of oil.

‌4cups of water.


Take a bowl and pour 2cups of bengal gram powder.

Add 1tbsp of soda and pour 2 cups of water and mix well then keep side for 15 min.

Take a pan and pour 2cups of oil and heat it for 5min then take a bondi making stainless steel

boondi making eglob steel.

It makes boondi very thin and laddu comes very round.Start pouring the paste that we prepared and kept aside for 15min.pour ½cup of paste in the hand steel and lets boondi gets heat.

Do it like this.

Then we get the boondi mixture.collect the boondi and mix in the grinder we get the laddu powder then keep it aside.

As we know laddu is prepared the only one thing is to make sugar syrup to make laddu round in shape.

Take a pan pour 3cups of sugar and take 3 cups of water equally stir it well as the sugar gets close then pour the laddu powder into  the sugar syrup and mix it.

To get taste pour 3tbsp of ghee and ½cup of cardamom powder mix it well and cook it for 5min

Then make the laddu in round shape when the paste is on heat.

And our Mothichour laddu is ready know lets taste it.

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