Chapathi =Wheat flour+Finger Millet(Ragulu)+Pearl Millet(Sajjalu).

Chapathi is a one of our favourite dish where north indians and south indians prefer to eat more.As we know why we prefer chapathi because high of vitamins and calories we get from it.Most of the old people eat because while they are in old they don’t have teeth so chapathi make them more feel to eat and live some more days. Why I told this above because in my home my grand father(65) always prefer chapathi he is so strong.So to become strong and energy grand father suggest to eat chapathi made of such ingredients (wheat ,ragulu,sajjalul ) gives more years to live.Chapathi can be paired with different dishes like dal,chicken,mango pickle,paneer,chicken kurma etc…We can maintain good diet if we prefer the chapathi .so share this to your friends and friends make this chapathi and give it your grandpa to get good health and all of you try this.lets go to the preparation.

• 2 cups of wheat flour,½cup of finger millet( ragulu) ,½cup of pearl millet(sajjalu).
  • water as required.
  • Salt as required .
   • 1table spoon oil or ghee .

We can learn easy making in 5 steps .
  Step1 Making of dough

      Take a boul and pour 2cups of wheat flour,½cup of ragulu flour,½cup of sajjalu flour and pour 2tbps of salt and mix it with along with pouring of water. Think that dough should be soft and mix until it became soft and add 1 tbsp of oil or ghee and mix for 2min and our dough is ready then keep aside for 10min.

Step 2 Making of dough into small balls
Now make the balls from the dough and keep it on a flatten surface and make circle like structure with the help of rolling pin.pour some flour while making into circle shape because it make stick for the rolling pin or it make don’t get in the write shape.If we get the chapathi in circle shape then arrange a pan and keep it on the gas and heat it in low fame.

Step 3 Cooking of chapathi
While the pan is heated put the chapathi on the pan and heat it from both sides then add 1tbps of oil or ghee and heat it (don’t over heat the chapathi it gets burn sometimes)on a low flame then we can see the chapathi gets little brown in shape (as the mentioned in the fig 1). Then take the chapathi and keep it in an hot box and make the other Chapathi in the same way.Then your Chapathi is ready. You can serve with dal or chicken kurma its your choice.

I have served with chicken it is so tasty.

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